About Me

Halo i am Karapho, i will use this website to give some reports about my improvement in drawing anime every month. I will also share some tutorials about using Photoshop, Ilustrator, etc

My current equipment are :

  • Laptop Toshiba Satellite U505
  • Mouse Logitech M100r
  • Monitor Samsung SyncMaster E1920
  • Printer Canon MP237 ( For Scanner, the Cartridge already broke )
  • Pencil 2b FaberCastle and Mechanic Pencil

My target is open a commission in April Month (For Full Body) and for chibi (deform body) maybe February, I need money to buy pen tablet

My Social Media

Facebook : Karapho

Email : kakarapho712@gmail.com

Feel Free To Contact Me

Thanks For Reading