Journey Improvement Study February 2019

Welcome again to my improvement study, but first i really sorry cause i don’t have enough experience to share

What I Have Done In February

Demm it, i really lack of drawing this month, but i take part job in design graphic. The job is about maintain the design instagram post. Hope i can buy a pentab next month

Making Blog Content

Sorry again, i dont have content this month 🙁

Visitor Statistics

Hehe.. i think they are bot

About the Improvement

This month i really dont have sketch or picture to share. Really sorry 🙁


Sorry for this bad post. I need to focus on my side job cause that company its like startup but in food niche.
Then, if I am like this, I will definitely experience a very slow improvement. But why is it that I really want the Stylus (Pen tablet) to directly draw digital. The problem is my goal is to make digital art. Thanks for read this post. I hope it make your cheer up 🙂

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